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In addition to foil, another important requirement for foil stamping is that of foil stampers or foil stamping machines. Whether you need to foil stamp books and documents for work, or want to begin your own foil stamping business, you will require a foil stamping machine. 

There are many different types of foil stamping machines available in the markets. These come in various sizes depending on your foil stamping needs. Here’s looking at the various foil stamping machines available in the markets.

Kinds of Foil Stamping Machines

1) Hand-operated Foil Stamping Machine

Such foil stamping machines are also known as manual foil stampers. With this type of foil stamping machine, you need to run the stamping process by hand. Such machines typically have a lever, which needs to be pulled manually in order to bring the printing mechanism in contact with the material that needs to be foil stamped. Once the stamp is achieved, you have to remove the stamped object and put a fresh one in its place to be stamped. Manual foil stamping machines can have either a manual or automatic foil feeder.

2) Pneumatic Foil Stamping Machine

These are also known as automated foil stamping machines. In a pneumatic foil stamping machine, an air compressor is used to move the print head and bring it in contact with the material to be stamped. You simply need to start a button and the pneumatic foil stamping machine will automatically continue to do its foil stamping job.

3) Foil Fuser Machines

Such a foil stamping machine does not actually stamp a foil design onto the desired surface. Instead, it adheres the foil onto printer toner. If you have created some design or lettering onto some material through your computer or a printer, the design will have toner on it. When you put this material into a foil fuser machine, it will stick foil in the places where there is toner, thus giving your printed material a foil stamped look.

Buying A Foil Stamping Machine

When buying a foil stamping machine, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • Choose a machine that can handle the loads required. If you have large volumes of material to be foil stamped, you will be better off going in for a pneumatic foil stamping machine and not a manual one.
  • The type of material that you want to foil stamp will also determine your choice of machine as not all foil stamping machines can print on all surfaces.
  • Counter-top as well as floor models are available in different foil stamping machines. So depending on how much room you have for the machine, you should choose a foil stamping machine accordingly.

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