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There is more than one way of doing foil stamping. The various kinds of foil stamping technologies available today are not very dissimilar processes but mainly differ from each other in the type and appearance of the finished product that they deliver. The kind of foil used in foil stamping also determines the end result. Here’s a look at the different kinds of foil stamping technologies.

1) Flat Foil Stamping

The flat stamp technology is the most popular kind of foil stamping in use as it is relatively simple and much more cost effective than the other types of foil stamping. In flat stamping, the foil is transferred onto the substrate using a flat stamp that is generally a magnesium or copper metal stamp. The finished result is a foil stamp that is only very slightly raised on the original surface and there is no trace of any impression on the back of the substrate material. If you want a more raised look with flat foil stamping, you can do another stamp with an embossing die that will give the flat foil stamp new dimensions.

2) Sculpted Foil Stamping (Multi-Level Foil Stamping)

Sculpted foil stamping is achieved with a die that has more than one level or which is carved with the exact design and specifications required by the customer. This type of multi-level foil stamping results in a foil design that appears raised from its surface. The various elements of the design are brought out beautifully and distinctly. The sculpted dies are usually made from brass and are typically carved by hand. This type of foil stamping gives excellent finished results but is far more costly than regular flat foil stamping.

3) Vertical Foil Stamping

This kind of foil stamping technology is best used for stamping foil designs on to flat or faintly topped part substrates, and also for parts that are cylindrical in shape, but only to a maximum of 90 degrees of the outer perimeter of such parts.

4) Peripheral Foil Stamping

Peripheral foil stamping is the technique used to apply foil heat transfers onto the outer perimeter of various materials. Unlike vertical foil stamping, with peripheral foil stamping, you can apply foil stamping to the entire 360 degrees of the circumference of the intended part.

Thus, depending on the kind of finished look that you want, and also the substrate material that you are working with, you can choose a type of foil stamping technique accordingly.

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